A Fistful of Banes

Renown 9/26/13

Charisma + Expression: 5

Magnus and Zarra Attacked a minion of the wrym without regard to personal safety. +3 Glory

Ichiro defeated a minor wyrm foe +2

They were armed with silver. +1 GLory to everyone.

Sergio escaped without damage. +1 Glory

Sergio proved an area was of the wyrm +3 Wisdom

Zarra unfortunately suffered a Fox Frenzy -1 Glory and -1 Wisdom

All us us protected the helpless humans. Honor +2


Magnus is the pack leader.. +3 honor

Renown 9/26/13

Refuse Control Services: possibly a shell company

Renown 9/26/13

Zara defeated a wyrm foe when riddled with silver (the one who shot her).

Renown 9/26/13

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