A Fistful of Banes

Events for 12/5/13

After regrouping at the caern from their previous adventure at Alcatraz, they call it a night. The next morning Magnus gets a call from his Kinfolk in need of help. He tells the pack he will be spending the day helping and that they should go on without him for now.

After some thinking and talking, the pack decides to look for a new location for their lost spirit to rest and heal. The think that perhaps the east bay may be their best bet for finding an abandoned fort. So they hop in their RV and head to the Berkeley caern. There they find Scarlett and a new person who is called “Rat”. They talk for several minutes and discover several locations to look at.

The location they like the best is an old fuel depot called Winehaven. While it is empty, it is very close to a wyrm infested area, and a suspected wyrm stronghold.

The pack scouts the area and finds a place they feel they can hid their RV. They break into two groups, one to search the Umbra and one to search the real world. The Fianna and Shadow Lord search the facility and find some old fuel containers but little else.

The Wendigo and Silent Strider had different luck. While they found little in their search, they smell a fruity smell and investigate. One of the large containers smelled more like fruit and not like gasoline. The Wendigo decides to get on the catwalk and look closer. After opening the container, he talked into the container but got no response. So he decided to climb in and became trapped. The Strider tried to help first by trying to emptying the tank then by trying to get on the catwalk. This failed when the stairs up crumbled underneath him. The Wendigo decided to climb out by using his claws to punch holes into the side of the container and climbing out.

The Strider thought to carry some of the wine in the container with him, so he searched the room for a container. He ended up finding crates of old wine. He picks one of the bottles and awakens it with a rite. It became an anthropomorphic bottle, named Bacchus, with a beret and french mustache. It also spoke French with an American accent. After talking for a while, they tried to bring to the real world but failed.

The pack regrouped and looked for a place to put the spirit they are protecting. They find a shady spot on the roof and place it their for safe keeping. They then look for the wine in the real world and find none. They then all go back to the Umbra and find things have changed. The wine bottle constructed a throne and now had a tin foil hat. There were also now three roaches drinking and singing French drinking songs.

The pack, mostly, accepted drinks from the Bacchus, and got drunk very quickly. They eventually leave the Umbra and go back to the RV to recover.



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